William Hamilton Arthur III not only founded a practice when he brought his talents to a select group of local developers, but he also established a trusted name that now stands at the forefront of the finest in South Florida architecture. The beginning of this firm coincides with South Florida’s most illustrious industries and institutions, starting with the initial phases of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. A faculty member himself at the University of Miami at the time, Mr. Arthur applied his unique architectural vision, as well as his ability to lead a group of imaginative designers, to create the striking character of this specialized University.

A diverse series of projects followed, many illustrating Mr. Arthur’s commitment to national security and infrastructure. Such notable projects include the Nuclear Fallout Shelter Study for the Kennedy Administration, as well as work for Eastern Airlines and the Orlando Jet Port. 1972 marked another important milestone when William Francis (Bill) Arthur joined the firm and added to the family’s legacy of accomplishments. The firm’s commitment to excellence and family tradition grew with the addition of Bruce Arthur, William’s younger brother, adding yet another cornerstone to the foundation upon which today’s talented team continues to build.

Today, wha design proudly offers South Florida 50 years of architectural and interior design experience, along with a proven legacy strongly rooted in the American experience and the family values that underpin our national character. This legacy extends back to William Hamilton Arthur Sr., a graduate civil engineer from Vanderbilt University, who also became an inventor and successful paper tycoon during the Great Depression. His optimism and hard work resulted in the Beach & Arthur Paper Company, a successful venture that eventually merged with the Meed Paper Co. in the 1940s, which still attracts investors in today’s New York Stock Exchange. The roots of wha design have grown out of strong minds creating, envisioning, and developing ideas for future generations.

The team of wha design grew further in 1999 by adding the fresh talent of Bruce Ford, who brings the kind of innovation that will lead the firm into the future and assure clients that they can continue to expect integrity, diverse design talent, and state-of-the-art technology. Building upon a proven legacy of experience, knowledge, and overall excellence, wha design stands poised to meet the needs of today’s vibrant economy, providing its South Florida clients with outstanding service.

Our Team

Bruce Arthur President
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Marta Herrera Administrative Project Manager
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William F. Arthur
Bruce Ford Vice President
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Debra Griffin Comptroller
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