• 7855 Residence

7855 Residence

William (Bill) Arthur Sr. built this midcentury modern Ranch home for his family of six from his University of Miami School of Architecture Faculty salary. Not a whole lot of money in those days, but his forward thinking and use of modern principals’ help make this an affordable home. The clean, geometric and rigorous roof lines were inspired by the Eichler Homes of California. Sliding glass doors and other expansive panels of glass allowed for cross ventilation and light to enter from multiple angles. All the rooms have outdoor views, or multiple access points, encouraging an appreciation of healthy living. Since Bill Sr’s. passing in 2007, the homes biggest enemy has been deferred maintenance. His sons are currently restoring the home, replacing all the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing with energy efficient systems. From adding a pool in front of the house to sensitive reconstruction of the termite damaged wood rafters to the harnessing of solar energy, this is a preservation for the entire Arthur Family to enjoy in generations to come.